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Batch No. Status ETA
Backorder #10 Closed Arrived
Backorder #11 Closes 20/06 30/06 - 06/07
Backorder #12 Closes 01/07 08/07 - 15/07
Backorder #13 Closes 10/07 25/05 - 30/07

  • Backorders require 8-12 working days to arrive after each batch closes.
  • Backorders are subjected to unforseen delays so do opt in only if you are comfortable with the wait (However, if BOs are more than 1 week later than expected, members will receive a $3 discount voucher.
  • If backorders are placed together with other instock item(s) in the same order, all items will only be dispatched when the backorder item arrives. If you would like your instock item(s) to be dispatched first, kindly separate your backorder and instock item(s) orders as separate transactions.
  • Kindly refer to the Backorder Status page for any updates on BO arrival.
  • There is strictly no refunds if one backs out of paid backorder.